December 13, 2008

Rent-sharing Matching Mechanism Visualization

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If in an effort to avoid arguments and hurt-feelings, you and your roommates want to find the most efficient way to divide rent and decide who gets which room… fret none. “Room assignment-rent division: A market approach” by Abdulkadiroglu, Sönmez, and Ünver details a simple, clever and elegant mechanism for resolving this dilemma. I’ve put together a bit of a visualization for those (like me) whom need a little aesthetic assistance in understanding how the mechanism works.

See it in action!

A Matching Mechanism for Allocating Attention to Tasks in Open Source Projects

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In this paper we discuss using the often celebrated top-trading cycles mechanism to increase participation in open source projects. Open source projects is typically characterized as voluntary activity where a small set of participant perform the majority of tasks. In addition, open source projects can substantially reduce the cost for business adopting the software. If we can increase participation in open source projects, we can potentially increase quality, time-to-market, reduce operational costs for businesses, and overall increase welfare for society.

Download and read!