July 9, 2008

The glass is half full (or not)… maybe

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A while back I stumbled on this podcast via Phil McKinney of Killer Innovations. Basically, it’s a very fun exercise in thinking creatively and generating different perspectives. We all know the classic saying.

An optimist says:

Awesome!!!11… The glass is half full.

A pessimist says:

Dang. The glass is half empty.

Phil suggests trying to think of different perspectives on this classic saying. My take—look at it from a Bayesian perspective.

The Bayesian optimist says:

Well I expected a full glass, but only got a half full glass :(

The Bayesian pessimist says:

I didn’t really expect anything at all, but was really surprised to get a glass half full :)

ooooh… that’s awkward.

btw. My first interpretation was this.

The Economist says:

Obviously, the water is scarce, and we need make the best use of it by determining who we should allocate it to. Of course, I’m economically rational and propose that I should get the glass of water.