July 14, 2007

Web application for customized clothing

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Web application for customized clothing

This is a web application I designed for a company that does customized printing on clothing. This is by far one of the more challenging and exciting projects I ever worked. Here are some of the details.

  • There were a variety of types of apparel (i.e. hats, pants, shirts, hoodies, etc…)
  • Each of them had a variety of colors and sizes
  • There were a variety logos, fonts, and printing regions
  • Every combination of apparel, colors, sizes, logos, and printing regions was feasible and could change at any given moment (i.e. “we ran out of medium shirts” or “we now have yellow ink”)

What was challenging was the infinite range of combinations that could have occurred. To solve this, I developed a (beautiful) XML schema that was adaptable to all of these attributes and could be generated from a database. All of this means that just about everything in the interface was editable outside of the Flash application.

In addition, the client partners with other companies (usually radio stations). These other companies can create a customized version of this application (via XML documents) and only display logos and apparel they wish to sell.

Lastly, I developed a novel technique of layering transparent graphics that allowed for realistic presentation of the apparel. This meant that the apparel only had to be photographed once and all color combinations could be created from that one photograph.

See the application in action

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