July 14, 2007

VISP Visualization 0.4

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VISP Visualization 0.4

I had to make some changes. First, the agent-based model for packing fact circles was computationally intensive. In other words, as networks with larger sets of nodes were loaded the visualization become slow or just simply stalled. Lada pointed me to this circle packing algorithm. Hat tip to Weixin Wang, Hui Wang, Guozhong Dai, and Hongan Wang for a very useful solution. Here are some other additions:

  • added url text pop-up
  • automatically scales network to fit screen
  • user can change the default size of the base node
  • changed the variation of node sizes to be based on area

You can see it here

VISP Visualization 0.4

copy and paste “data/test.xml” into the get dataset text field.

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