July 14, 2007

Executive Briefing Invite

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Executive Briefing Invite

This is an invite that I designed. It was sent out by sales people to executives of companies that we believed would be interested in purchasing our products. Executives that responded would be invited to spend a day at our Detroit headquarters discussing challenges and concerns that we potentially could solve. While the invite is aesthetically pleasing and has a unique package, it was designed with some economic principles in mind.

First, the Executive Briefing Program is quite costly, and we only allotted and printed 1000 invites. It was important that our sales force did not send invites to just any contact. If you’ll notice there is stationary that is placed in a pocket on the inside of the invite. This is for a sales person to write (actually by hand) a personal invitation. Without this note the invite is awkward (i.e. there’s nothing in the pocket). In addition, the size of the pocket is too small to print on 8.5×11 paper, fold it, and place it inside. This may seem superfluous, but the added cost to sales people induces them to select prospective customers that are worth the cost of the program.

Secondly, the hand-written note has a dual purpose in that it serves as a signal. Making a nice invite is relatively cheap and easy to mass-produce and send to any company. A hand-written note signals that we could not simply mass-produce the invite and send it to just anyone. To recoup the costs of the program and invite, we have to actually be able to bring value to selected customers. The recipient can see this correlation via the signaling.

Both of these principle worked together to create a very effective program.

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