July 14, 2007

Colormixer Web Application

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Colormixer Web Application

It’s common for designers to create color standards in Marketing. You may write those standards in documents and distribute them to everyone you think needs to know. You may create a webpage and say check back often for changes. As you might expect, everyone ends up having different documents in different places (i.e. electronic vs. a print-out tacked to a cubicle wall). It’s awkward when you consider that web colors are not easy to work with (i.e. they look random — #FF0066). It seems completely unmanageable if you want to say that tints and shades are okay.

In graduate school, I recall a brief mention about how software is progressively being viewed as artifacts. If you wanted to reconstruct how did, say, accounting make decisions, insight could be derived from examining the software they used. Simply put, applications do not necessarily have to be tools to use, but they can also be codified knowledge.

It occurred to me that all of the color standards knowledge should simply be codified into a web application. Users can simply “copy and paste” the color they need, users are always up-to-date on recent changes (e.g. given that they adopt the application), and there is no need to keep track of who needs to know when changes occur.

Try out the application for yourself.

Also, I discovered that different applications (e.g. Photoshop and Fireworks) have different algorithms for determining tints, shades, and PMS to Web conversion. That made the need for a tool like this more salient.

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