July 14, 2007

Alternate Text Bookmarklet

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Alternative Text Bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are a fascinating little innovation. Essentially, they are snippets of javascript that a user can store as a bookmark. Rather than go to a website when selected, the bookmarklet will a simple routine task. For instance, Google Reader offers a “Subscribe to Google Reader” bookmarklet. When I stumble upon a website I like and it has an RSS feed, I can simple click the bookmark, and it’s added to my reader. Simply elegant.

Here’s the revelation. This can be used a productivity tool for groups working together. For instance, one issue that arises when creating web pages or emailers is that there is a lot of invisible content inside. This is problematic for writers that are proofing content. They can’t see it, it’s an arduous task for them to remember that there is hidden content, and it’s difficult to mark-up and say make these changes.

I put together this little bookmarklet to help. While it is “proudly found elsewhere”, I did make some modifications to make it work specifically for the aforementioned context.

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